My Highlighted Posts From Posts From The Heart 13th February 2017

Our sixth week of #PostsFromTheHeart contained another set of fantastic posts. I was less on the ball this week than normal this week, as Number Two spent the week in hospital. So apologies for the fact that comments and retweets were a little later than normal. He’s now on the mend, so fingers crossed I’ll be a little more organised this week.

Once again we both some incredibly joyful, and some utter heartbreakers among our posts. It was a priveledge to read every one of them. It was lovely to see so many of our regular linkers return, and also to see lots of new writers join us.

There is no obligation at all to comment on this post but we would love it if you could sprinkle some extra love on one of our Highlighted Posts. You the linkers are what make this Linky such a pleasure to host and we want to make sure you all get as much out of it as possible.

This week’s highlighted posts were once again incredibly difficult to choose, but I think you will all agree that they are more than deserving of their place:

Mental Health After Pregnancy by Naptime Natter was an incredibly brave post. I love how for so many of us writing our blogs is an act of catharsis, and how often the posts that mean the most to us are the ones that sit in our drafts box the longest. It’s hard to ask for help, but it’s often the first step in feeling better in many senses of the world. I’m sure this inspirational post will help many with similar feelings.

Lilian Rosena by Raisie Bay is a beautiful tribute to a much loved Nan. She was clearly a very special lady, and I for one felt very honoured to learn more about her. I often wonder what those we are close to, but lost, would think of us now. But I am sure, that after we have gone – any one of us would be beyond proud to have someone remember us in this way.

When It’s Your Child That Hurts Another by To Aufinity And Beyond, is a post that every parent should read. All to often we are so quick to judge parents and indeed their children, but there are two sides to every story. Society is made up of many people, all with different needs. Kindness and understanding goes a long way to making the world better place for all.