Infant Reflux Resources For Parents

Knowledge and information can be thin on the ground so I have put together this list of infant reflux resources for parents to help those of you who are at the beginning of your journey. The Facebook groups in particular are well worth checking out, they are full of a wealth of information and parents who understand the road you are travelling.

Facebook Groups

Silent Reflux Support Group For Moms
Babies With Reflux and Silent Reflux
Babies With Silent Reflux
Silent Reflux Babies Australia
Living With Reflux (Child Support) – Charity Number 1132614
Silent Reflux, Reflux, CPMA, Intolerances In Babies
Surviving Reflux Ireland: Dealing With Reflux, Colic, Cmspi and Gi Issues
Infant Reflux: Support For Gerdlings


NHS Direct
Nice Guidelines For Infant Reflux
Living With Reflux

Reflux Posts On This Blog

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Going Dairy Free
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Other Blogs That Mention Reflux

A post about a premature baby with reflux, which includes hints and tips for parents:
A series of blog posts about two brothers with reflux:

April 17, 2017