My Brain Has Disappeared

This week has been one of those weeks!

In fact I think if my head wasn’t attached to my body, I would have almost managed to lose it. Number Two has been going through a particularly clingy stage, and seems to have way too much saliva for such a small boy. The two combined aren’t making for very conducive sleep, either for him or for us.

Needless to say sleep deprivation has hit, and with it any remnant of brain that I had left seems to have disappeared. Yesterday, I set off to town only to decide on route that I had forgotten my purse so drove home only to realise that said purse hadn’t been forgotten and was instead just in the pram (which was in the car all along). Why I had put it there in the first place I have no idea!

On discussion with Number One, always the wise one in the house, I happened to mention that over the years my brain power had been stolen first by her and now by her brother, “well” she declared “we do need a brain more than you, after all we need to go to school”.

Problem solved it seems. I’ll just have to get used to making lists, and be very thankful that at least my children have brains!!

July 1, 2016
July 7, 2016