A Weigh In Celebration

As those of you who have been following the blog for a while know, for a long time Number Two struggled to gain weight.

For over a year we battled for tiny weight gains, and weigh ins were a source of constant stress.

His weight fell from the 50th centile when he was born to the 7th, and for a while we all expected him to be put on the waiting list for a feeding tube.

At fourteen months we all breathed a little sign of relief when he started eating a little more, and we were told that the doctors now felt he would be ok without having a tube.

And over the last four months, things have continued to improve. Food is still often a battle, but the difference is, it is now usually a battle that is won.

It may take us a long time to get the food down, but he does eat it. Sometimes now he even looks at food with enthusiasm. Yesterday he literally demanded a sausage roll when we were out.

And on holiday, his excitement was palpable when he went into the room and saw chocolate on the bed!

His favourite foods right now are baby corn, peas, rice, pasta and popcorn.

He’s still smaller than most of his friends, and we all did a little happy dance on holiday when he at last went into age 12-18 clothes. So much so, that we didn’t even mind that several outfits never got worn at all!

It’s been a long time since he needed new clothes.

I remember with Number One being so sad when she grew out of clothes. But with Number Two it is so very different. Each size up has been hard won. We all rejoice when it finally is.

Moving up a clothes size, made me hopeful for our weigh in but even I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was.

He is back up to the 25th centile.

And he hasn’t been there in a very long time. He is no longer falling down the centiles and instead beginning to climb them.

Our holiday was always intended to be a new start, a sign of happier, less stressful times to come.

And this morning has proved that that is definitely true.

I couldn’t be happier.