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If like me, you’re always wondering what to buy your children for their next birthday, trying to figure out the next big thing and hoping they will love what you choose, Hasbro has an opportunity which just might interest you:

It’s an opportunity for U.K. Residents with children aged 12 years or younger to be on their panel. They want you to provide feedback on their toys and games whilst giving them information about what inspires your purchases.

The panel will form a private online community, which will act as advisors to the company whilst giving you as parents a chance to interact with other mums and dads of children under the age of 12.

Hasbro knows the importance of play and are passionate about inspiring children and encouraging their imagination. They now want this special group of parents to give them a greater understanding of the lifestyles and needs of their customers. Essentially they want you to help them create the best possible toys for your children.

Hasbro want to reward the commitment of parents on the panel and as such Family HotSpot Members will be rewarded with monthly $10 Amazon gift codes for participation.

Why not give it a go, and connect with other parents interested in having an impact on the toys their children play with?

To see if you qualify please go to: http://bit.ly/2ovK9cO

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
*Please note: this opportunity is for UK residents only*

A Review Of The Absorba Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection For Baby Boys

When we were invited to try out the Absorba Spring/ Summer 2017 collection for baby boys, we were delighted.

I love baby clothes that look like baby clothes.

Our children grow up too quickly, so I think when they are small, it’s nice to have them wearing clothes designed with babies in mind – rather than the miniature adult focused clothing we so often see. Absorba, fits this bill perfectly. Every item of their range is carefully crafted specifically for babies.

I fell instantly in love with the beautiful whale design jacket.

It’s a lightweight coat which still retains the snuggle factor. The fabric is so soft, any parent will be pleased to put it next to their baby’s skin, the hood fits perfectly (which any mum knows is a rarity when it comes to babies’ coats), and the cuffs ensure a snug fit without being too tight on the wrists of little ones.

Number Two’s petite frame means that he often fits into European baby clothes better than he does into British ones. And the gorgeous Absorba clothes that we were sent were no exception. The arms of the jacket were the perfect length, and the combined bodysuit and T-shirt fit equally well. It was refreshing to see him dressed in clothes that were so well sized, and it certainly added to his comfort in wearing them.

The versatility of the bodysuit particularly impressed me.

Perfect for wearing on holiday or at the beach on the warmest of days in isolation, or for wearing with shorts or trousers on cooler days. Like the jacket, it was easy to get on and off, with no wrestling an unwilling baby involved. The poppers were particularly well placed, both at the back of the neck and in the nappy area – perfect for quick changes.

Like the jacket, the body suit has a lovely whale design, perfect for evoking thoughts of summers at the seaside. A lovely touch, that further enhances the excellent quality of this fantastic range.

We haven’t owned Absorba clothing before but we would definitely buy it in the future.

I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for baby clothing, which is both stylish and fits beautifully.

A Review Of BigJigs Wooden Books And Times Table Tray

As a teacher I love ways to make learning more fun. After all – if we’re enjoying what we’re learning we’re much more likely to carry on, right?

And as a mum, that’s what I want even more, children who want to learn.

So when this month’s package from BigJigs toys arrived I was delighted to see that they like me, believe in creating a love of learning from an early age.

Their beautiful wooden books, come illustrated with familiar animals.

They are lightweight and easy to manipulate, perfect for little ones to flick through independently or with an adult. Their bright, clearly labelled images are fantastic for teaching both the names of animals and their sounds.

What’s even more perfect though, is because they can easily wipe clean, they are perfect for taking out and about. I love that this means books can be enjoyed outside the house just as easily as they can be enjoyed in it. There’s nothing more beautiful than the sight of a child loving to read. And that starts early.

Babies who love books, grow into children who love to read.

Research shows that infants who are allowed to explore books and who are read to on a regular basis, have a substantially bigger vocabulary than those who are given less exposure to books in their formative years. This in turn leads to significantly better educational outcomes.

And whilst we’re talking about educational outcomes… BigJigs could have read my mind when it comes to the perfect activity for Number One. The Times Tables Tray, is a great way to make practicing Times Tables more fun. It’s also a great way to ensure long term success in maths.

Times Tables provide the cornerstone of teaching Maths. And with the dreaded SATs coming next year we both know they are going to consume more than a little of our time.

I don’t want it to feel like a chore though, so I’ve been on the hunt for products just like this that will help me turn learning into a game.

I love how the tray is perfect for using both at home and when we’re out and about in the car. But more than that I love how it makes it easy for Number One to test us as well as us testing her. The bright colourful individual blocks cannot help but add to the fun. The fact that they are colour coded also really appeals to Number One’s sense of organisation.

We are really enjoying using both the books and the times tables, and I know that over the summer both will be getting lots more use as we head out on day trips in the car.

Disclaimer: We are working as BigJigs ambassadors this year, and will be reviewing different items from the range each month. BigJigs have not charged us for the items mentioned in this post, in return for an honest review. As always all opinions are my own.

A Review Of Pigeon Organics Children’s Clothing

Those who know me well, know that I have a thing for products that are soft. Whether it’s blankets or clothing – if I’m going to put it next to my children’s skin, I want it to feel good as well as look good. And when it comes to the softness test, Pigeon Organics are hard to beat. In fact, I can hand on heart say that their T-Shirts and Kimono jackets, are quite simply the softest baby products I have ever felt.

Number Two loves to explore.

Whereas Number One was content to sit on my lap and watch the world go by. Number Two wants to be in that world, moving and playing. It makes choosing clothes that work for him hard.

Yes, I want him to look lovely in his outfits. Which mum wouldn’t? But I also want him to be able to move freely, crawl easily and have clothes that are hard-wearing enough to stand up to the rough and tumble that he gives them.

Pigeon Organics fit the bill easily.

Their clothes are designed with real children in mind. From the envelope necks on their T-Shirts, which reduce the tears when it’s time to get changed, to their lovely patterned leggings, perfect for crawling babies – they really have thought of everything. Their Kimono Jackets are my icing on the cake. Perfect for babies and children who don’t like to feel cluttered, these are ideal for cooler days or car journeys as an extra layer. They provide the snuggly warmth of a traditional cardigan without sacrificing any flexibility of movement.

But Pigeon Organics don’t just provide practical, soft clothing.

They provide a wide stylish range, which can’t fail to have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for lovely muted pastel colours, or bold bright prints, you can’t fail to find something you like.

In our house Number Two is all about transport. If it has wheels then it’s a hit. So we couldn’t resist this gorgeous transport themed romper, perfect for the summer days ahead. I know this is going to be one outfit that he’s going to be excited to wear. And hey, battles about getting dressed, is something I will be more than happy to forego.

For me though, what’s just as important as all the above is that Pigeon Organics are an ethical company.

They are a company that care, about their products, their suppliers and their customers. They are company that believe in quality workmanship, in high quality products, in organic materials. What’s more they are a company that are fighting to make the world the kind of place I want my children to grow up in. And that means a lot.

So if you like me care about more than what your children’s clothes look like – why not take a look at the lovely range on offer at Pigeon Organics, you won’t be disappointed.

Disclaimer: We were sent the products featured above in exchange for an honest review. As always all opinions are my own.

A Review Of The WILF Book Subscription Service

As an English teacher by trade, books are something we are far from short of in our house. Our bookshelves are quite literally bursting at the seems. But hey, that’s a good thing, you can never have too many books right?

Whilst the bookshelves proudly boast their well read haul, if I’m honest trips to the bookshop with Number One are a less pleasant experience.

Don’t get me wrong she loves new books. Reading is without doubt her favourite pastime. She has devoured the entire Harry Potter series three full times and will read pretty much anything she can get her hands on.

Choosing however is a different story. Where Number One is concerned, there is definitely such a thing as too much for the choice. Shopping trips are therefore often filled with indecision, self-doubt and arguments. She gets grumpy. I get grumpy. And invariably we leave the shop without what we went in for.

So when we were offered the opportunity to try out the WILF book subscription service I very literally jumped at the opportunity! After all, books arriving at our door would have been an exciting prospect even without our bookshop arguments.

WILF’s service was about to get a whole lot better though. This is no generic, one sized fits all approach. This is an individual selection service, tailoring the books to the needs of your children. You tell WILF the genre your children like and any particular books they’ve enjoyed and they use that information to select new books they’ll enjoy.

Even given Number One’s very wide selection of books she’s already read, they managed to pick out three very different books that she hadn’t read before. All of which she has eagerly devoured.

The Little Prince, is a personal favourite of mine. And a book I’ve been trying to convince Number One to read for years. Where mummy failed, WILF succeeded. She was mesmerised, and literally hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Definitely a big winner.

Holes, was another great selection. A book I’ve taught to many classes; it’s a choice which remembered that she was only nine, whilst ensuring that as an avid reader she still felt challenged. And that is no easy feat. As a lover of mystery books, this was another big hit. Apparently she’s lending it to one of her friends next week; so she’s obviously been chatting about it in the playground. This is always a good sign.

The third book was one even I haven’t read. And Number One was delighted to receive it – there’s something special about hardback books – and this one was probably Number One’s favourite of the selection. The Lie Tree, is gripping, compelling and full of twists and turns. It is quite simply a fantasy lovers dream.

I think though, that despite the wonderful books, what Number One and I both loved most about the service was the personalisation. The carefully wrapped tissue paper and handwritten note were a lovely touch. It made Number One feel cared about, it made her feel as though the books had been chosen for her and most importantly, it gave her the confidence that she would love them.

It’s a service that quite honestly I can’t recommend enough. And I know that next time someone asks me what she would like as a gift a WILF subscription box will be high on the list.

If you would like to win your very own one-month WILF subscription why not enter our competition by clicking here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is one prize that can’t fail to delight the child in your life.

Disclaimer: we were given a free month’s subscription to WILF in exchange for an honest review. As always all opinions are my own.

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