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I’m Sorry: I Should Have Found A Way

As a teacher many children have come and gone through my various classrooms over the last fifteen years. They are, for the year they are yours, a huge part of your life – and you theirs. Then at the end of the year, they move on to new challenges. And you are left with a…

Inclusion: How Can We Make It Better?

Conscious that last week I had a rant about the state of inclusion, I’ve been thinking ever since: How? we can improve it. How we can impact on change for the future? How we can make things better for our children? Disclaimer: My experiences involve working with those with ‘High-Functioning’ Autism, ADHD and Severe Behaviours….

Inclusion – Is It Really Working?

As I sit having finished work for the summer, I am forced, not for the first time to wonder whether inclusion in its current state can really work. Today I went to my daughter’s end of year show. We waved goodbye to the year sixes and most of the parents wiped away a silent tear….

Is Comparison Really The Thief Of Joy?

There are times I have stood in a room looking at what other children could do, wishing upon wishing that mine could do the same. When Number One would small, I went through a long time avoiding contact with many of our friends with children. Seeing their children effortlessly glide through social situations, whilst for…