Food, Not So Glorious Food

It never ceases to amaze me how much of my day is taken up thinking about food. Whether it’s the food that’s going in my mouth (Have I had enough calcium?), the food I’m cooking for Number One (Is this the right amount of food an eight year old should eat?) or the amount of milk I manage to get down Number Two (How can you really tell when it’s coming out of breasts?); it seems the topic is rarely out of my mind. And well, you guys already know how much I think about cake!

Number Two however seems not to share my (or for that matter his sister’s) obsession with food. He eats it seems because he has to rather than wants to. His dummy is by far preferable to my boobs, and whilst an empty bottle is perfectly acceptable, put milk in one and it’s a whole other story indeed. Putting weight on (a problem I most certainly don’t have) is therefore quite a mission for him. We dream feed lots, milk whilst sleeping it seems is infinitely more acceptable than when awake, and we also do the milk dance (which basically consists of me swaying around the living room with him attached to my breast) as the movement it seems makes it easier for him to feed. (At least I live in the countryside, so the escapade is only visible to the sheep in the field next door.)

At the last weigh in we managed 2oz in three weeks, cue panicked mummy, panicked health visitor and totally oblivious and unhungry Number Two. Two weeks and very little sleep later (partly due to crazy amounts of dream feeding and partly due to worry) we’ve managed another 8oz. Cue, me doing the happy dance round the clinic. Oh well, you guys know I’m nuts the health visitor may as well know it too.

So now I just need to keep up the regime, good job Number One trained me to live without sleep…

A Review Of Squidge And Pip

Squidge and Pip have to, without question, be two of the cutest teething toys ever invented. What’s more not only are the toys themselves utterly gorgeous, but they come in totally beautiful packaging, with a delightful little cloth bag to keep them lovely and clean whilst you’re on your travels.

These are toys designed with babies in mind, they are the perfect shape to be held by little fingers, hard enough to provide relief to teething babies yet soft enough to be comforting. With multiple different types of nobble and bobble in various places on both toys, I defy any baby to not find one that works for them. Number Two is in love with these toys, and if I’m honest I can’t say I blame him. I love them too.

I love the fact that I can steam sterilise these gorgeous creatures, so I can be sure that they are always germ free, no matter how many times Number Two (or his friends) slobber all over them, or drop them on the floor – I know I can make them hygienic again. The little cloth bag that comes with each toy, means I can even keep them that way until Number Two is ready to play. And in my eyes that is a big win! What’s more, this is a toy I can put in the freezer to further relieve Number Two’s gums, and attach easily to links so I know it’s not going to get lost when we’re out and about in the pram.

This is a toy that has already become a regular addition to our baby changing bag. Any mum and baby would love to receive. I admit it; I love nice boxes. I am the girl that when I got engaged, rang my mum to tell her how gorgeous the box was before I told her anything about the ring, and this toy has one stunning box. But it’s more than just an amazing box, it’s a great product that no baby can fail to love.

I will be buying more of these to give to friends as presents, they are an item I’d be proud to give. What’s more I know Number Two’s friends (and their mums) will love them (and their boxes) as much as we do.

If you want to find out more take a look at their stunning website ( but shhhhh don’t tell your friends, they might buy them all before you get there.

Disclaimer: Squidge and Pip were given to us in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own.

A Review Of The Bambini & Me Body Suit and Bamboo Swaddle

This week has been crazily hot, something none of us in this house cope well with. Number One has been grumpy, Number Two has been grumpy, and I have been even grumpier!

One of the things that has got Number Two (and by default the rest of us) through the grotty weather is our beautiful body suit and bamboo swaddle from Bambini & Me. They are both gorgeous and silky soft, and not only do they contain a gorgeous yellow duck print, perfect for summer days but they’re made of wonderful bamboo, perfect for wicking the moisture away.

Their body suit has quickly become one of our favourite items of clothing, as the buttons across the chest, not only give it a lovely decorative look but also make it super easy to put on. This makes it great for hot sticky days when babies hate to be messed with, but also really helps us as Number Two has stiff muscles (hypertonia) which can make it really tricky to dress him without causing him distress.

The bamboo swaddle is equally gorgeous, and proved invaluable to us on our trip to London. Perfect for using as a thin blanket on the pram, for a breast feeding cover on the train, and as a play mat in the hotel room; this is one travel essential that is worth its weight in gold. Let’s face it, travelling with babies does not mean travelling light, so multifunctional is always good! And if I’m honest I love the feel of it so much, I’m tempted to steal it and turn it into a scarf once he’s too old for it.

This is a range I’m truly in love with; what’s more it’s eco-friendly and ethically sourced. Beautiful prints, practical designs, unbeatable softness from a company with a heart. I know I won’t be able to resist a few purchases from this lovely company in the near future; it’s well worth a look, you won’t be disappointed.

To see the full range take a look at

Disclaimer: this body suit and swaddle were given to us in exchange for an honest review. All opinions here are my own.

Swimming I Decided Is Fun

Today I decided that Number Two has had quite enough of doctors visits and needed to do something fun. Swimming I decided, swimming is fun. So off we went to the public pool.

There is I feel, when doing anything with a baby, a kind of safety in numbers so we arranged to meet friends. 12.15 in the pool, that was the plan.

I’ll get there early I thought, Number Two needs a sleep. So at 11.15 we set off on the 15 minute journey to the pool and Number Two predictably fell asleep. At which point as planned, we sat in the car until 12.05 to ensure a good mood for said swimming. At 12.05 we got out of the car and went in, at which point Number Two (uncharacteristically) started screaming.

At 12.45, after two feeds, lots of jiggling and having managed to get the two of us changed – half an hour later than planned, despite arriving half an hour earlier than necessary, Number Two and I got in the pool. At which point he began to shiver. The public pool it seems must be a couple of degrees cooler than the one we normally go to. Five minutes later the shivering continued, the bottom lip quivered, the baby roared and out we got.

An hour to prepare for five minutes in the water. So much for my swimming plan I thought. At least they had a good cafe…

Review Of Taylor the SoapSox Turtle

This week we got a new pet, a pet named Taylor; Taylor the Turtle.

Now before I start you must understand that Taylor isn’t just any kind of turtle, Taylor is a very special pet indeed. You see, although he loves to swim in the water and help with washing, he also likes to come out and play during the day. He’s the perfect way to make bath time fun, and the perfect way to make sure fun in the bath doesn’t need to end when the water is gone.

In short Taylor, part of the SoapSox range is brilliant! Number One and I fell in love with him the moment he arrived (oh and Number Two thinks he’s pretty great too). He is undeniably adorably cute. He isn’t just a great fun toy though, he’s also really well thought out, with space to put the soap inside so it doesn’t slip out of your hands, special material that makes the suds come through, and a little string to thread through his back to hang him up to dry – this is a product that not only looks great but that has really been thought out well.

What’s even better is that I can see just how useful Taylor will be in the future. He’s the perfect size for little hands, and because the soap fits inside he is ideal for teaching children how to wash themselves without giving them too much to think about. He’s going to be the perfect temptation to get the little man into the water, even on those days he would rather stay and play.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to encourage your child to want to jump in the bath and have a wash, this is perfect. I can also first hand recommend it for baby washing – when I never have enough hands to juggle a small slippery child, soap and a flannel; the SoapSox range is brilliantly designed. So why not give it a try and get yourself a new pet today?

Disclaimer: Taylor was given to us in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own.