A Review Of Nicki’s Diapers Ultimate All-In-One

I fell in love with this nappy the moment I took it out of the packet! One of the biggest reasons I chose to use cloth nappies rather than disposables for both Number One and Number Two is that I always think disposables look and feel uncomfortable. After all, how many of us would really like to wear one?

The ‘Ultimate All-in-One’ however is comfort personified, with super soft fleece lining within the outer nappy and topping the microfibre inner you can be sure your baby will always be comfortable. What’s more, the amazing popper system of fastening adds to this comfort by insuring an amazing fit, without any hard lumps of Velcro digging into your baby’s tiny tummy.

The cute owl design on the outer skin, has been admired by all; in fact Number One declared that if she was a baby this would definitely be the design that she would choose! In addition the fantastic slim fit of the nappy makes finding clothes to wear a breeze, this is a nappy that is not only fantastically comfortable but that looks amazing as well.

When it comes to absorbency I was very impressed, the ‘Ultimate All-in-One’ can easily be worn as long as any disposable, using microfibre under the fleece of the inner pad really is an idea of genius standards. Yet despite their fantastic absorbency, these are nappies that are easy to wash and quick to dry. They really are the perfect combination.

An amazing fit, fantastic absorbency, ultra soft and super stylish. The only problem now is I love them so much I want a whole set!

For more details take a look at www.nickisdiapers.com

A Review Of Nicki’s Diapers One-Size Bamboo All-In-One-Diaper

Being a big fan of cloth nappies, I’ve tried quite few! Having started with Number One almost nine years ago, I’ve been really impressed with the developments made since Number Two has come along.

Having read online that most Americans prefer to avoid Velcro on their ‘diapers’ I was keen to see how alternative methods worked. Having only used Velcro previously, I was really intrigued to see how it would be possible to get as close a fit using a more graduated system such as poppers.

When my Nicki’s Diapers arrived though, I was stunned. Not only did poppers work as well as Velcro, the nappies fit far better than any of the other brands we had previously tried. What’s more they look far more comfortable than any of the other nappy systems we have tried too. The inside of the liner is covered in bamboo; not so much that it increases the drying time untenably but enough to make it comfortable and ultra absorbable. For extra absorbency an additional bamboo pad then poppers in.

This nappy, or diaper as it’s officially called is without the doubt the most absorbent cloth nappy I have ever used, what’s more it has the closest fit, and is much more slim-line than those of many other brands, making it much easier to both avoid leakages and to find clothes that fit well around it.

What’s more is I really love the ultra classy grey and white chevron design and the soft silky feel of the outer nappy. This is a nappy that if I was a baby I would choose to wear.

An amazing fit, fantastic absorbency, ultra soft and super stylish. The only problem now is I love them so much I want a whole set!

For more details take a look at www.nickisdiapers.com

A Review Of A Nicki’s Diapers Bamboo Swaddling Blanket

As regular readers of the blog will know, I love nothing more than a beautiful blanket. After all, babies have lovely soft skin so what could me more perfect than covering them with something that is equally lovely and soft.

The bamboo swaddling blanket by Nicki’s Diapers, is among the softest I’ve felt, ideal for even the tiniest of newborns. Its deep turquoise colour is equally suited for boys and girls alike, and what’s more it’ll even disguise the chocolate you’ve sneakily eaten (and subsequently dropped) whilst snuggling the baby.

It’s a blanket small enough to fit in your baby changing bag, yet large enough to have a multitude of uses. We use ours as a light covering on warm days, a clean layer on supermarket trolleys, somewhere to lie when we play at grandma’s so we avoid covering her carpet with drool and even as a breastfeeding cover.

I always wonder about the perfect gift to buy friends who have new babies; clothes I think are tricky as we all have our personal tastes. These swaddle blankets really would be an excellent choice though; made purely from bamboo they are perfect for even the most eco conscious of friends and it’s something they are guaranteed to use over and over again. Whatever their lifestyle, however they choose to feed and whatever the dress their babies in, everyone needs one of these.

So whether you are looking for a useful little luxury for yourself or a great gift for a friend you really won’t go wrong with one of these. For more details and to see all of their other lovely products take a look at www.nickisdiapers.com

My Lions

This week both of my children have made me proud, not because either of them have done anything remarkable, we haven’t climbed Everest or won awards, they have both just been their best selves. Both have stunned me.

As parents we try so hard to protect our children, that I think sometimes we forget how resilient they are. Number One has been the only one for so long, learning how to share attention was never going to be easy. Number Two luckily came out as the easy going patient child he usually is, he played his role of second child fitting in remarkably well. No one was rattled.

This week though, Number Two has not been a happy bunny. We’re not quite sure why, but he’s spent most of the week feeling and being thoroughly miserable. Number One has been incredible, as worried as the rest of us, she realised that this week Number Two needed us and adjusted her needs accordingly. What’s more she’s done it with a smile on her face, been eager to help and run round with the rest of us trying to put a smile on Number Two’s face. She’s turning into a truly amazing big sister, and an all round lovely person, I’m proud to be her mum.

Meanwhile Number Two has started physio, and with it has come the tears. He is no longer allowed to stand and his beloved jumperoo is banned. He has had to move in ways his little body doesn’t want to co-operate with, but he has done it and day by day it has got easier and the tears have got less. His stubbornness has shone through, each day he has tried hard, and today for the first time we got a roll. Never has a family been so proud!

It’s the small things that become the big ones when you fight so hard for them. I don’t think the parents of those olympic gold medalists could be any prouder of their children today than I am of mine.

Review Of Starchild Baby Shoes

Being a lover of all things lovely and soft and having a baby who simply does not think that socks are meant for his feet, I fell in love with Starchild’s beautiful range of baby shoes.

Number Two, because of his incredible bravery when having anything medical done, is our little lion, so of course when I saw that they made them with lions on, the choice of which ones to pick was an easy one. After all, even lions need to be reminded that they are brave some of the time.

When they arrived I wasn’t disappointed, the quality is exceptional. From the beautiful soft leather to the rich colours and beautifully well cut design; these are shoes which can’t help but make any baby stand out from the crowd. What’s more, the lion even has his own little crown; perfect for our little king of the jungle.

I’m also impressed with the sizing of these stunning shoes, it’s a running joke in our house that Number Two despite being tiny for his age has giant feet. Despite only just having moved into 3-6 month clothes, he definitively needs socks that are 6-12 months. These shoes however are clearly sized with real babies in mind, and ordering the age that your baby is will work.

For us, getting Number Two to notice parts of his body is always important and as a real added bonus, his shoes delight him so much that he can’t resist trying to reach for them, turning every moment into a chance to do his physio in a natural way. What’s more they stay on his feet much longer than socks do, so the game can last quite a while.

So if you’re trying to get your baby to notice his feet, looking for a gorgeous way to accessorise, trying to keep your baby’s toes warm even if he’ll never keep his socks on, or just looking for a beautiful gift, these shoes are well worth your consideration. What’s more there are so many different styles at: www.star-child.co.uk that you can’t fail to find a pair you’ll fall in love with.