Review Of Cozy Cover Portable Easy Seat

Being in full flow weaning mode in our house, containing Number Two long enough to get anything inside him is proving more than a little tricky! Eating his bib, the baby wipes and my hand is definitely preferable to eating the puree off the spoon; that is decidedly more fun to blow raspberries with.

There is no way that with the best will in the world feeding him on my knee is going to work, well not unless I wear a full body grown up size bib anyway, but in my little Ford Ka there isn’t exactly room alongside all of the other baby paraphernalia for a full sized high chair when we set off for the day to visit family. The Cozy Cover Portable Easy Seat, has therefore quickly become one of our most important baby products.

I love how small it is, folding easily into its very own pouch which will easily fit in my baby changing bag, meaning I have it with me even for impromptu visits. But not only is this fantastic product small, it’s incredibly supportive, making it perfectly safe for Number Two (even at five and a half months) to sit comfortably. The five point safety harness is fully adjustable meaning that this is a product that can be safely used with toddlers up to 35lbs and it’s certainly one that I can see us continuing to enjoy for a long time yet.

For wriggly Number Two I’m always impressed by the ability of the chair to contain him, what’s even better is the bottom part of the seat is plenty deep enough to tuck his bib inside, providing full body coverage and therefore saving his outfit from the impending disaster which is never far from happening. Luckily the seat is very forgiving, its dark colouring hiding a multitude of sins and being not only easy to wipe clean but also fully machine washable.

Being a bit of a germaphobe, and Number One being a complete germaphobe, I also love the flexibility that this seat gives us when we’re out and about. Because the back is adjustable it fits easily on a variety of chairs, meaning we don’t need to worry about germs lurking on high chairs in public areas, we have the perfect solution right in our bag.

This is one weaning related product that you will use time and time again and is well worth taking a look at. For more information and to buy take a look at Best For Baby

There Is Hope

When things happen in our own lives it makes us take notice of things we may not otherwise have thought about. The last six months have been full of more joy than I ever imagined in those dark days of trying for a baby, but they have also been filled with a tremendous amount of uncertainty.

For me a prognosis for Number Two has never been and remains unimportant. None of us know what the future will bring, it has been the day to day we have focused on. If he is happy then I am, and as his pain has been reduced due to the Reflux meds he has hit milestones that we previously wondered if he ever would.

Through the darkest days though, there were several things than made me think in varying ways about the future.

On the one hand I was disgusted to discover that the spaces for wheelchairs on trains are next to the toilet. I fail to see why this is the case. Toilets on trains are not pleasant places. I sat on our journey to the MRI scan, angry at the unjustness of a world I feared my son would face. A world where he would be confined to sitting next to a toilet. A world where he would lack choices.

But then we returned home to see paralympians on the television. We returned home to hope, to possibility, to a world of choices. Whilst I’ve always enjoyed the paralympics, this year we watched it with new eyes. We watched it with unspoken words in our hearts. We watched it and hoped that whatever life throws at our son, he would have the strength like those athletes to overcome it, to believe in himself, to live a life of possibility rather than one of impossibility.

Every interview every athlete gave, we listened, we watched, we were proud. We were given hope.

I have no idea whether Number Two will be any good at sport, if he’s as uncoordinated as I am, he’ll probably be barely able to catch a ball! But that wasn’t the point. I didn’t look at these athletes and think one day my son could win a medal, I watched them and thought one day my son will excel at whatever he wants to do, whatever he cares about. I watched and thought there is hope. And for that I cannot thank them enough.

I hope they know the difference they have made to ordinary people, to people like us at the start of the journey. I hope they are proud of the hope they give.

Can We Not Just Stop The Clock?

I always tell people that there is no difference in the way I’ve raised my children. Number One was an instinctively high maintenance baby, Number Two came out as Mr Laid Back. Number One was always fascinated by animals, Number Two goes crazy with excitement if he sees a car or bus. I have had no part in their differences, they simply are who they are.

Yet I would be dishonest if I didn’t admit there are differences in the way I feel about raising them. I always knew I wanted two children, I always knew as I raised Number One there would be another one to follow. As I hold Number Two in my arms, I know he will be the last and that cannot help but make everything that little bit more bittersweet.

When Number One learnt to crawl then walk then talk I remember the overwhelming excitement. I couldn’t wait for her to get to the next stage. When Number Two learns something new I’m excited but also sad, my baby, my last baby is growing up. I don’t want him not to progress, I just wish time would slow down just a little, that I could spend a little longer enjoying each stage.

As they both grow, I’m reminded by how quickly time passes, I’m reminded that the dishes will wait, that they won’t always want a bedtime story or one less cuddle, I’m reminded that all too soon they won’t need me as they do now.

I wonder also when this feeling stops, will I still feel like this in ten years as number one heads off to university, in twenty years when they start their families, in thirty years as I look at my grandchildren. At primary school I remember wishing the years away, I couldn’t wait to get that little bit older, how ironic that for the rest of our lives we beg the clock to go slower…

Nailmatic Kids’ Surprise Cone

If there’s one thing that little (or no longer so little) girls love it’s painted nails, but with school (quite understandably) not allowing them, it can cause more problems than it’s worth. Or actually I probably should say did. Because that was before the fantastic washable nail polish from Nailmatic. This is a product that claims it has super powers, and whether that’s true or not it certainly makes life simple!

It’s a product that means girls can have their nails painted as often as they like, because there’s no need to allow time to remove it. The polish comes off simply by washing hands in soap and water, meaning it’s guaranteed to be gone by school the next day. Number One loves it and so do I. It’s an easily deliverable treat, that I enjoy saying yes to. It’s mother daughter bonding time in a bottle, perfect for those times when you won’t to do something nice but real life so often gets in the way.

It’s not only perfect to use, it would also make a fantastic gift to give. Packaged in a fun cone shaped box, and accompanied with a lolly, felt-tip pens, miniature pencil case and balloon, it would make the perfect treat to send home with little girls after birthday parties. All the fun of a party bag in one easy package.

For more details why not take a look at  or head to to purchase and make the little girl in your life smile like a princess.


Gratitude is wonderful thing and today I am more than thankful.

I am thankful for the progress both of my children have made and continue to make each day. It may not always scream out of you, sometimes it comes in more of a trickle, but nonetheless it is tangible and real.

I am thankful that the reflux meds mean than Number Two is no longer in pain, we all love his giggle and his happiness is something we don’t take for granted. We have seen him at his saddest, and that makes every moment we see him happy, precious.

I am thankful that Number One declared today that school is still rubbish but less rubbish than it was last week! Change is always hard for her, and a new school year brings with it a host of, in her mind, unreasonable changes. I mean how dare they move Spanish from a Monday morning to a Monday afternoon? We are now heading in the right direction, and by Christmas she may have decided that school is fun again!

I am thankful that after six months of trying Number Two has learnt to breastfeed properly, he no longer fights when feeding, I no longer need to rock him whist I feed or wait until he is almost asleep to feed him. As a side effect this means he now wakes up less frequently at night meaning we all get more sleep and are a little more human, and for that I am without a doubt equally thankful!

I am thankful for my other half who has been there for all of us throughout the rollercoaster we have been on recently. I am ever grateful that he is on our team!

And lastly I am thankful (in a way that only a parent whose child has had hypertonia can be) that Number Two can now play with (and sometimes even suck) his toes. Yes I know, it’s a weird thing to rejoice about, but to us it is huge progress and something to be glad about.

Life is good, I’m enjoying the days!