A Review Of The Giggling Tiddlytubbies

Number Two shows very little interest in the television, instead preferring to play with toys or terrorise his big sister.
There is one programme however which never fails to get his attention. The Teletubbies have rapidly become a firm favourite, to the extent that he will even sign and ask…

Seventeen Month Feeding Update

It’s been a while since I sat down and updated you on our feeding journey, so with the bank holiday weekend put behind us I thought I’d fill you in on Number Two’s progress.
After a couple of wobbly weeks when I’d started to wonder whether we were going backwards,…

It Wasn’t Intentional….

There are so many things I’ve done differently as a second time mum. Some of them were intentional:
I bought less clutter, and ignored more advice. I learnt that juggling two was hard, but less hard than I thought. I realised they would both have to learn to wait. Having…