The Joy Of The YippieYo

When we were offered the chance to review a YippieYo I jumped at the chance.
Living in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales it was a pram that I know would make a huge difference to our lives. We would be able to get out in the countryside and explore….

Goodbye Feeding Clinic!

Today was a day I wondered if we would ever see.
We’ve been regular attenders at the feeding clinic at our local hospital for the last year. We were referred shortly after Number Two was born because he wasn’t gaining weight. He struggled to breasted, and bottle feeding was even…

A Review Of The YUUschool Backpack

Having spent most of my life working in schools of one kind and another, school bags are something I’ve seen more than my fair share of.
Most are bottomless pits of letters that haven’t been handed to parents. And homework that hasn’t made it as far as the teacher. Add…

Inclusion: How Can We Make It Better?

Conscious that last week I had a rant about the state of inclusion, I’ve been thinking ever since:
How? we can improve it. How we can impact on change for the future? How we can make things better for our children?

Disclaimer: My experiences involve working with those with ‘High-Functioning’ Autism,…