Teething Without Calpol

When Number Two’s first set of teeth came in I had two major tools in my armoury, Calpol and Breastmilk. Pain relief and comfort were covered. It was of course, as teething always is, a trauma. He cried, didn’t sleep and feeding was even more difficult than normal.
Fast forward…

I Am Not Perfect

Dear Number One,

I want you to know something very important. You are getting older now, more grown up by the day. And slowly but surely I think you are realising.
I am not perfect.
I wish I was. I wish I knew the rules behind how to be the perfect mummy,…

Posts From The Heart 29th May 2017

Hello and welcome to Posts From The Heart, hosted by myself and fellow blogger Becci over at The UnNatural Mother.
We love to read blogs about things that matter to people; whether it’s something your child did that meant a lot or a political event on the world stage, from…

No Weight Gain

Ever since Number Two was born, weigh ins have plagued us.
That little red book has become both our enemy and our friend. On the weeks he has gained, it has meant we can breathe – relax – worry a little less.

Unfortunately in recent weeks there have been few of…

A Letter To My Sixteen Year Old Self

Dear Vicky,
If you only you knew just how much life would give you, you would worry so much less.
I know right now exams and school work seem like the most important thing in the world. You can’t imagine a world after university – or even really what being there…