Inclusion: How Can We Make It Better?

Conscious that last week I had a rant about the state of inclusion, I’ve been thinking ever since:
How? we can improve it. How we can impact on change for the future? How we can make things better for our children?

Disclaimer: My experiences involve working with those with ‘High-Functioning’ Autism,…

Posts From The Heart 31st July 2017

Hello and welcome to Posts From The Heart, hosted by myself and fellow blogger Becci over at The UnNatural Mother.
We love to read blogs about things that matter to people; whether it’s something your child did that meant a lot or a political event on the world stage, from…

The Pressure Of School Holidays

I am exceptionally lucky, being a teacher I have never had to worry about childcare during the school holidays.
I can’t imagine how hard it must be – especially during the summer – for parents who have to juggle the costs and logistics of childcare. So I take my hat…

14 Essential Travel Apps For Families

I have no idea idea about you, but when it comes to travelling with the children I like to be prepared for any eventuality.
After all, where little people are concerned you can never be certain what will happen next!

So as much as I have theoretically planned out our itinerary…